We know about the needs advertisers have of reaching their target and theiR objeCtivEs OF LEAD GENERATION AND SALES.

We do not only work with our own DBs, which are highly refined and segmented, and guarantee a volume of quality, we also have external partners to make an impact on even more users of the current market, always with our technology and our proffesional team behind every campaign action.

One of our agency’s main pillars is openness, we believe that it does not exist a business model that is more profitable than our customer loyalty day by day through a well-done job, and the achievement of results.

Our technology not only responds to nowadays’ technical requirements, we also put at our customers’ disposal our tracking platform, click2lead, in order to have their campaigns monitored at all times and with full access to the perfomance results regarding the deliveries made.

The second pillar on which we grow is quality, for this reason we do not make deliveries in DBs that are partners that were not confirmed by our platform; this way we keep external agents from making campaign deliveries without our prior consent.

In order to guarantee all of this, our technology (click2lead) is a tool that owns different fraud measuring devices, whether they are leads, click frauds or fake sales, among others, while we keep the results of our deliveries and look after the value of the campaigns we run as well.

at Ibrands we only open new supports once their dbs were analysed and validated by our team, in compliance with our quality assurance

Our human resources team, both in Spain and Mexico, is a highly qualified team that will always be in touch with the advertirse in order to compare and measure the results being produced periodically.

In the field of Mobile campaigns, we perform the same job as we do with the DBs while keeping our trademark pillars through our owned platform Appburn.

Once again, we have developed an owned platform in order to have full control of our deliveries and campaign metrics.

The first thing is to impact our owned and qualified users first, and if the volume our advertisers need is higher, we would open campaigns with qualified external supports, always making sure that they comply with the segmentation requirements requested by the advertiser.

from IBRANDS we perceive LIST BROKING as something TRANSPARENT with Our Advertisers and where they will never have a concern about not knowing who and where is their campaign working on.

we also perceive LIST BROKING as an action that can be measured and optimised through the appropriate TRACKINGS and where we can run campaigns with high rates of quality and compliance.