Ibrands is an Email and Affiliate Marketing agency which is part of the VIKO Group. We were born in 2009 and nowadays we are focused in the Spanish and Latin American market.

We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, and Mexico City. In our different offices we have skilled and qualified staff to provide guidance and to make your campaigns a success.

As a result of years of experience, we have created a high-quality product to provide solutions to your clients in terms of email marketing campaigns. For that purpose, Ibrands has:


of its own property and from different verticals, perfectly qualified and updated

Its own supports

where the user takes part of a community

Exclusive databases

from third-party companies highly qualified and able to be segmented


We are your perfect partner in obtaining the results you need in your campaigns of Email Marketing.

Your perfect partner

We are your perfect partner in obtaining the results you need in your campaigns of Email Marketing.

If you need to make Email Marketing campaigns in the Spanish or Latin American market please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to giving you advise and offering the best possible solutions suited to your needs.

Our own shipment and tracking technology

At Ibrands we place at all of our customers disposal our own shipment and tracking technology developed over our years in the industry and optimised as well to make sure your campaigns reach not only the inbox but the audience you really need. We know this is the only way to increase your conversions and the ROI of the campaign.

Segmentation Power

We are certain that with our own supports, third-parties exclusive supports and all the segmentation power we offer, we will be able to reach your target audience, not only by obtaining more conversions but also taking care of your brand image. The traffic of our databases is a segmented, supervised, qualified and updated everyday kind of traffic, thanks to our own tools.


We take fun seriously

We devote to fun and great atmosphere at work. Why? ‘Cause we rely on genuine great people. Sense of humor is a must have!

We adapt

We are flexible enough to meet the market needs or opportunities. We research the best ad hoc solution for all our clients.

We do not settle

Same solutions lead to same results. We do not settle, we look alternative solutions, we are ambitious. No change? We create the change.

We create talent

We seize opportunities to grow together. We back our young blood up. We empower our people and foster teamwork. Effort and initiative are rewarded.